"DeLaval calf feeders are more consistent than people.”

MaxGro Inc. in Turlock, California, has big goals for reducing labor on their heifer facility, and they’ve found a solution to help them get there.


MaxGro Heifer Facility

Turlock, CA, USA

MaxGro Heifer Facility


Holsteins and Jerseys




Located in California's central valley, MaxGro Inc., is owned and managed by Eldred Pires, Joseph Borba and Johnny Machado.

The 5,500-head milking herd stems from three different farms owned by MaxGro owners. Pires cows are milked in a DeLaval rotary and Machado milks in a DeLaval double-20 parallel parlor, both built in 2007.


Ten years later, Pires, Borba and Machado launched MaxGro Heifer Facility in Modesto, California, located a few miles from the dairies.

The calves at MaxGro are fed via one of 16 CF1000S DeLaval automated calf feeders and are housed in a cross-ventilated barn.

"It made sense to continue working with DeLaval," says Johnny. "They are easy to work with and great at trouble shooting."

MaxGro is anticipating a fifty percent reduction in labor and having a better end result with the calves at 120 days old, results courtesy of the DeLaval automatic calf feeders.

Their mission is to produce quality calves, maintain an optimal work environment for their employees and make a return on their investment.

"DeLaval calf feeders are more consistent than people.”

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DeLaval calf feeder CF1000S

Automatic calf feeders are an efficient and effective method to achieve intensive calf feeding. Automatic calf feeders, such as the DeLaval CF1000S, offer the ability to manage and track the feeding program of each animal. Significant labor savings are also a potential benefit of the CF1000S.

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