“All farmers need a reliable partner”

As a start-up dairy, a trustworthy partner is more or less a must.


Morningstar Dairy

Rolling Prairie, IN, USA

Morningstar Dairy





In April 2015 Morningstar Dairy saw its first light after being an old, rundown dairy for many years. Nearly one year after the re-start, in February 2016, 1,100 cows moved in. 


DeLaval was the partner of choice. The cows are milked three times a day in the double-25 Champion™ parallel parlor. The farm is also using a DeLaval milk meter to help them with accurate milk recording but also to monitor and detect any blood traces in the milk, conductivity, kick-off and air entry in the liners. The farm now has better control of their cows’ health.

“I grew up on a dairy farm which used DeLaval equipment.  They have always been a name you can trust. Decade after decade, they continue to deliver the most innovative milking systems and services,” says farm owner Al Riedstra.

By using the Champion™ parallel parlor, the dairy can operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Morningstar Dairy plans to expand its herd with 700 more cows in the near future and with their current set-up, they are equipped and ready to succeed.  

“All farmers need a reliable partner”

Our solutions

Learn more about the DeLaval solutions that help Morningstar Dairy improve their animal welfare and increase work efficiency.

Herd Management

DeLaval DelPro™

A complete dairy farm management system that monitors, records and analyzes data to help you make those all important farming decisions.

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At the milking point

DeLaval milk meter MM27BC

The profitability of your dairy farm depends on so many factors which influence milk yield – cow health, feeding, milking performance. The ICAR-approved DeLaval milk meter MM27BC delivers accurate data on milk flow, milk yield and parlor performance, for maximum efficiency in managing your herd. When partnered with DelPro herd management milking management becomes a snap.

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Champion™ parallel parlor

High throughput for 24/7 milking. Maximum cow comfort

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