“[Our calves] are handled with patience and care. We take cleanliness very seriously and are always looking for ways to do better for our animals.”

In 2017, Ocooch Dairy completed construction on a new, state-of-the-art group calf housing facility with three DeLaval automated calf feeders providing on-demand nutrition for 150 calves.


Ocooch Dairy

Hillsboro, Wisconsin, USA

Ocooch Dairy


Holsteins and cross-breeds




Ocooch Dairy started milking 40 Registered Holsteins in 1978. Forty years and three generations later, this Wisconsin dairy continues to evolve and improve.

Now milking 850 Holsteins and cross-breeds in a double-12 DeLaval parallel parlor, Ocooch Dairy also cares for approximately 200 calves in its new calf barn where no calf comfort detail was spared.


The facility features an automatic, cross-ventilation system with fans, a side-wall curtain and ceiling inlets to ensure the calves have good air quality to breathe. Pens are bedded with straw year round and are designed for optimal drainage and cleanliness.

“We train and retrain employees on proper animal handling techniques and work very hard to make sure our animals are well-fed and well-cared for – working closely with nutrition and veterinary teams to provide quality care,” said Stacy Sosinsky, Calf and Heifer Manager.

With three DeLaval CF1000S automatic calf feeders, the calves have constant access to food – helping the calves grow. The facility has an office where Stacy and her team can review the nutrition program and performance of each calf – and make adjustments using the CalfCloud software program.

Stacy said the dairy decided to install DeLaval calf feeders after touring farms with these machines and talking to specialists who preferred the technology of the CF1000S. She continued: “We also have a positive, long-standing relationship with our DeLaval dealer, and we trusted their ability to help us when needed.”

“[Our calves] are handled with patience and care. We take cleanliness very seriously and are always looking for ways to do better for our animals.”

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