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DeLaval calf pen CPS

The new DeLaval Calf Pen CPS is the first on the market with detachable side panels that enables to turn two single boxes into one larger box. The calf pen CPS can easily be mounted or disassembled in no time.

  • Faster growth and more social behaviour
  • Rational management of calves
  • The perfect environment for your calf
  • Self supported
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DeLaval calf pen CPS

Key Benefits

Faster growth and more social behaviour

Thanks to the detachable side panels you can turn two single boxes into a group box for two calves. Recent studies shows that calves that are kept separate for the first ten days and after that are grouped two and two in a pen or a box both eats better and develop a more social behaviour. They handles stressful situations better than when they are kept alone, for example when they are moved from one group to another or when they are weaned from milk. Other studies shows signs that calves held in pairs eats more and loose less weight during the period when they are weaned from milk.

Rational management of calves

Easy and fast to install, the DeLaval calf pen CPS can easily be installed or disassembled in less than five minutes which enables a very rational management of the housing for the calves. Just put up or take down a row of pens whenever you need it. The whole pen when disassembled takes very little space. This enables the possibilities to use the building for other purposes parts of the year. All panels are made of strong plastic which makes them both robust and light weight. Clean a used calf pen with a high pressure cleaner. Using hot water is not a problem. Disinfect the pen to avoid spreading of diseases, then it is ready to be used again. The hay feeder which is an accessory is made of hot dipped galvanized steel for long life time.

The perfect environment for your calf

With two buckets on the front panel the calf always has access to water and concentrate. The holders for the buckets has two positions so the buckets can be lowered when the calf is growing. The front gate has attachment for calf bucket with nipple which makes the feeding of milk easy and rational with a DeLaval calf milk mobile CMM. In the rear panel is adjustable ventilation holes which gives the calf fresh air and help adjusting the temperature in the pen. On the upper part of the side panels are holes which enables the calves to have contact with each other. With calves held in pairs they tend to lie down close together to keep the body heat during cold winter climate.

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