“We proactively manage the health of our herd by identifying issues and nipping them in the bud.”

Butterville Farm started in 1960 with 40 cows. Today, the 1,360 cow herd is a far cry from its humble beginnings but one thing has remained the same at Butterville Farm.


Butterville Farm LLC

Adams, NY, USA

Butterville Farm LLC





“DeLaval has been a reliable partner since 1971 when we started using their products,” says John Barney, the 4th generation owner.  

Most cows are milked three times a day and high producers four times a day. The farm has implemented several cutting-edge products and technologies. They went from a double-eight parallel parlor to a double-12 followed by a double-16.  By combining these systems with DelPro as well as the latest in teat dips, barrier dips and liners, Butterville has experienced a new level of milk production. 


Since the double-25 Champion Parlor was installed milk production has increased and the herd has also gotten healthier with average somatic cell counts below 100,000.

Today there are five generations working on Butterville farm and John Barney enjoys the freedom in his role. “The greatest thing about being a dairy farmer is being my own boss and working with family,” he says with pride. 

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