20ºC in the barn? Start ventilating!


The warm summer months have a major impact on the production and comfort of your dairy cows. Cow Cooling helps you achieve better cow comfort and a stable or even higher production level.

The DeLaval ventilation system is a cost effective system to minimize the impact of heat stress to cope with a coarse droplet. 

  • Increase your cow comfort
  • Increase productive life
  • Increase your sales

Start ventilating from 20ºC

At a temperature of 20ºC in the barn and under humid conditions, cows already experience the first symptoms of heat stress. When the temperature rises above 22 ° C, cows suffer from heat stress. As a result, the cows have less energy to eat and production can drop by up to 25%. Heat stress also leads to a lower fertility of the dairy cows and a lower birth weight of calves.

The basis of cooling

Thanks to the highly efficient DDF1200 barn fans from DeLaval, which create a high air velocity at the surface of the animals, heat stress problems can be solved. In addition, the fans support the air circulation in the house, so that a stable climate is created in the house all year round. 

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