Cow mats and mattresses

DeLaval provides a range of mattresses to meet your needs for cow comfort. The product range matches the level of investment you decide to make – from basic, to standard, through to premium.

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Cow mats and mattresses


DeLaval cow mattress M40R

DeLaval M40R is a well-proven, rugged rubber mattress that offers cow comfort you can rely on. The seamless slip-resistant 8-mm-thick top-cover is both hard-wearing and easy to clean. The foam underneath the mat is durable and elastic to give your cows a consistently soft resting place.

DeLaval cow mat CM20-25

Pressurised gas bubbles make up over 80 per cent of the volume of this DeLaval comfort mat range. They absorb pressure, especially the heavy load put on knees when cows lie down. The rest of the mat comprises fresh, high quality rubber that meets the same standards required for children’s toys. It contains no recycled or crumbed rubber. The material is non-absorbent meaning it is easier to keep dry and clean.

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