DeLaval always offers the optimal milking clusters for every breed, every cow and every udder shape from a variety of combinations, consisting of claw, teatcup and cups.

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DeLaval Evanza ™ milking cluster

The most efficient milking cluster we've ever developed - for more milk with better udder health and minimal service. The DeLaval Evanza ™ milking cluster is not only faster; It's better for your cows, your employees and the bottom line for your entire operation. It is simply our most innovative milking cluster yet!

  • Faster service
  • Faster milking
  • Improved udder health
  • Improved durability
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DeLaval Evanza ™ milking cluster

Key Benefits

Faster Service

  • DeLaval Turn & Milk
  • Innovative cartridge and short milk hose
  • Innovative cartridge and short milk hose

The DeLaval Clover ™ Cartridge with built-in teatcup introduces the teatcup liner into the milking cluster in a fraction of the time. The replacement of four cartridges takes less than a minute. Even the short milk hose can be easily changed with a bayonet lock - this saves you valuable working time and costs.

Faster milking

  • DeLaval TopFlow ™
  • Less air bubbles
  • Shorter milking time

The unrivaled DeLaval TopFlow ™ technology can handle the highest milk flows and supports good udder health. In our test farms we were able to reduce the milking time by up to 7% and the number of air ingresses by up to 83%. The milking cluster is also lighter and well balanced. The special grip zones support a light and ergonomic attachment of the milking cluster

Improved udder health

  • Improved teat conditions
  • DeLaval Clover ™ cartridge
  • Less air bubbles

Teat conditioning improved by up to 92% in our test farms. With fewer air bubbles, the cows are calmer, happier and can produce more milk.

Improved durability

  • Durability of the cartridge x2
  • Shelf life of short milk tube x4
  • High-quality materials

The milking cups of the Evanza milking cluster have been developed for high durability with high quality materials. The test companies report longer service intervals with less staff deployment for the service. A significant plus for productivity.

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