Automatic Milking

DeLaval offers a range of integrated robotic solutions to support your milking operations.

Integrated robotic solutions

The unique benefits of DeLaval robots can improve life on the farm in very real and measurable ways. We provide benefits our competitors just can’t match, because they don’t offer the seamless integration of human, cow and technology that DeLaval robotics are built on.

We are driven to create a future where people, cows and technology are productively integrated. The benefits of this integration are numerous for DeLaval customers: More milk harvested. Better cow health. A solid upgrade path. The sophisticated management input that only Herd Navigator™ can deliver. Better support systems-wide.

DeLaval has led the milking equipment market with relentless innovation for over 130 years. Today, we offer the most comprehensive herd management robotics available to dairy farmers. We’re the only company with a clear vision of the impact integrated robotics will have for the future of dairy producers. And we will continue to make the interaction between you, your cows and our robotics the best option for your farm for years to come

  • Seamless integration of: Human+Cow+Technology
  • More milk harvested
  • Better cow health
  • A solid upgrade path
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