Alkaline detergents

Our alkaline detergents, with or without chlorine, are effective in removing fat and milk protein from the milking pipeline and tanks.

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Alkaline detergents


UltraClean™ powerful alkaline detergent

UltraClean, a formulation succesfully used for many years and tested for compatibility with DeLaval equipment, is effective in all water hardness conditions, especially in hard water. It is the ideal product to use in alkaline dominant cleaning routines, effectively removing milk fat and protein. An effective cleaning routine will contribute to a premium milk quality and reduce the risk of bacteria growth in the milking installation.

  • High sequestrant capacity to prevent mineral deposit
  • Built with chlorine to effectively address milk protein & high alkalinity to remove fat
  • Works in all water conditions and cleaning routines (alkaline dominant or alternate cleaning)

DeLaval chlorine free detergent CFD100

A liquid alkaline detergent, free of chlorine and phosphorus compounds, developed specifically by DeLaval for hard water environments. As a complement to existing tried and tested DeLaval detergents, DeLaval chlorine free detergent CFD100 is the product for dairies requesting chlorine free or disinfectant free cleaning, even in the most extreme hard water conditions.

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