Get Milk Ready

Being Milk ready is all bout being ready to extract, transport, cool and store the highest quality milk possible.

  • Get the best out of your milking equipment and consumables like detergents
  • Fine tune all 6 cleaning factors based on your individual farm conditions
  • Advise about the best suitable detergent for your situation
  • Optimally adjust the settings for your cleaning equipment
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Don't just clean. Get Milk Ready!

Milk Ready is about seeing the bigger picture and focusing on milk instead of just detergents. Let us help you get Milk Ready; ready to extract, transport, cool and store the highest quality milk possible.

Get Milk Ready

Key Benefits

Strive for better results

  • Let us help you get higher milk quality
  • Our detergents can help increase your equipment lifetime
  • We can help make your milking equipment cleaner

We don't formulate and manufacture detergents because selling chemicals is all we do. We do it because dairy is all we do. This means we're not just thinking about one point in the process, but look at everything from chemicals and water to cleaning routines and training to optimize your milking routine. As a result, with DeLaval, your milking system is not just clean. It is Milk Ready!

Don't let anything stop you

  • Effectively remove milk fat
  • Effectively remove milk protein
  • Deal with water hardness

Protein, fat, minerals (water hardness) and biofilm are the main challenges in the cleaning process. To counteract these four potential residues DeLaval develops and produces its own detergents and formulate them to work with the cleaning systems and processes used by modern milking systems. This means they are fierce with contaminants but gentle on your system and its components.

Optimal cleaning

  • Alignment of all 6 cleaning factors
  • Advised by our trained personnel
  • Personalised for you

DeLaval has determined 6 cleaning factors for optimal cleaning: water, detergents, temperature, mechanical force, time and people. Our trained personnel will give you advise and help you to optimize each factor based on your individual farm conditions and challenges. They will happily take the time to explain everything you want to know. You can also read more about each cleaning factor in our brochure.

"It's not just about detergents but about a complete and easy service"

“I’ve been using DeLaval detergents for five years now. With DeLaval, it is not just about detergents but about a complete and easy service. Every product is delivered on time by my dealer’s mobile shop. The service technician takes care of all the settings of my milking and cleaning equipment, so I don’t have to worry about it. The equipment remains in good condition, we don’t see any black rubber residue. My milk quality is great, TBC is 4-8 and coli count is less than 10. We’ve also never had issues with chlorine residues.” - Mr. Coquyt from Belgium, 75 cows"

"Premium milk quality with effective detergents"

“A cleaning product is not just a cleaning product. I always strive for premium milk quality. I used to buy a competitor product but experienced problems with black sediment and crystallization at end of shelf life. When switching to C-AlkaClean from DeLaval, even with bigger size drums of 200 liter, I never had these issues. I really like the high quality and fresh products. It’s not worth risking milk quality for a small price difference on detergents.” - Mr. Lavrijsen from the Netherlands, 185 cows

"Effective cleaning at low temperatures"

“On my farm, I sometimes face temperature issues, as my heating system is quite old. This can of course be a problem for the cleaning system. I tried DeLaval’s Fresh25, a detergent also efficient at low temperatures, and saw that my bacterial count and somatic cell count improved! When you have a good cleaning, somatic cell count will follow the same trend. As an organic farmer, I also really appreciate that the detergent is registered as an organic product. For me, quality and hygiene is a combination of several factors like products, the installation, feeding, etc.” - Mr. Villiand from France, 70 cows"

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Get Milk Ready

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