Milk cooling for DeLaval VMS™

DeLaval offers several solutions for optimising milk cooling with automatic milking systems.

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Milk cooling for DeLaval VMS™


DeLaval flow controlled cooling FCC

This unique cooling solution for DeLaval VMS™, our milking robot, is based on our patented concept of flow controlled cooling. DeLaval VMS™ notifies the cooling tank of the volume of milk delivered to it, on a real time basis. The tank then adjusts its cooling capacity to suit that milk volume.

DeLaval buffer tank DBV

This solution can cope with higher volumes of milk per hour and has also the opportunity to cool down the milk in the buffer tank, before entering the main milk storage tank by gravity.

DeLaval adaptive flow controlled cooling AFCC

Cooling milk from DeLaval VMS™ robots can be a challenge, but not for this system. Protecting the quality of your milk, DeLaval AFCC is easy to use, robust, reliable. Also, energy consumption is reduced to a minimal. The secret behind this breakthrough, is that it works continuously but with varying cooling capacity.

  • Faster cooling
  • No freezing

DeLaval buffer vessel BVV

This new buffering solution for DeLaval VMS™ is designed to accept milk from your milking robot while your cooling tank is being emptied and cleaned. It enables DeLaval VMS™ to run 24/7, so your cows are not kept waiting for an hour or more while the robot is idle. The idea is simple; the new design is cost-effective and clever.

  • No breaks in milking needed
  • Milk truck can come collect anytime

DeLaval milk quality auditor

Food safety and farm profitability go hand-in-hand with an increasing focus on milk quality from key stakeholders in the dairy industry. DeLaval milk quality auditor (MQA) allows you to monitor the cooling performance and the cleaning process of your cooling tank. It is a standalone part of the cooling system that stores data from each critical step in the process, providing you with reliable reports and alarms. As farms grow larger the demand for larger tanks and longer storage of cooled milk on farm is increasing. Many dairy processors now require farms to be equipped with solutions providing historical data that shows milk quality was maintained during cooling and storage on the farm. DeLaval milk quality auditor can fulfil such requirements with the following key features:

  • Cooling - time and milk temperature
  • Cleaning - temperature, dosing of detergents and water drainage after cleaning
  • Stirring - both during cooling and cleaning

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