Cascade™ parallel parlour

Value-for-money, 24/7 parlour with configuration flexibility

  • Faster cow-flow
  • Robust and reliable
  • Better workflow

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Cascade™ parallel parlour

Key Benefits

Faster cow-flow

  • Unique open bottom neck-rail
  • Wide entrance lane
  • Gang-Index™, Gang-Exit™, All-Index™ and All-Exit™

A unique open bottom neck-rail design helps cows move faster through the entrance and exit. A wide entrance lane with sliding entrance gate encourages quick entry and easy turning encourages fast loading of cows. All-Index™ and All-Exit™ offers optimum positioning of the cows for better udder prep, operator comfort and safety and allows all cows to exit with the push of a button while Gang-Index™ and Gang-Exit™ saves time by attaching units to the first gangs while others load, and allows finished gangs to be released for better cow flow.

Robust and reliable

  • Suspended butt-pan
  • Exit Plus
  • Air-powered indexing

A suspended butt-pan gives an unobstructed view of the udder resulting in a better working environment. Remote start initiates take-off without reaching up to control panel, saving operator time and energy. Exit Plus automates exit and entrance sequence to save operators time. The air-powered indexing gently but firmly positions each cow back against the butt-pan. Consistent indexing positions the cows for comfortable attachment, saving operator time while providing more operator comfort.

Better workflow

  • Designed for 24/7 milking
  • Air control box with filter
  • In-place ID

The heavy duty build is designed for 24/7 milking, reliable operation and low maintenance costs. The air control box with a built-in filter provides pneumatics with clean air for longer life of air components. The in-place ID provides accurate ID information and data integrity so you can rest assured that your equipment is providing you with reliable data.

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