“Our previous parlour took too long to milk in, this new parlour has reduced our milking time by 2 hours a day.”

Labour was the main issue facing Robert and his family at Butteridge Farm. Last November they decided to invest in a new Milking Parlour – DeLaval Herringbone HB50 20x20

Cornish 2.jpg

Robert Cornish

Somerset, United Kingdom

Robert Cornish


Holstein Pure Ayrshire with a percent of Ayrshire Holstein cross.



DeLaval had been recommended to Robert by his neighbour who had installed a new DeLaval parlour 2 years ago and was getting on well. The efficiency of the local dealer BH White also made investing with DeLaval more appealing.

“DeLaval was priced very clearly and competitively, we had not dealt with our local dealer BH White before but found the team very professional.”

“The DeLaval running costs are very reasonable and the technology and build is of a high standard.” 

Besides reducing labour and working hours, Animal health & hygiene was another important factor when it came to investing in a parlour.

“As our milk goes to make cheese hygiene is important to us hence we use DeLaval chemicals"

"Previously our cows were standing around for ages waiting to be milked, they are happier now and are back to feed quicker. Overall health of the herd has improved and cell count is lower. We have a bacto scan of below 20 and our milk quality is high (butter fat 4.4 & protein 3.4)”

“DelPro has improved our cow management and has helped us to feed more efficiently - such as concentrates we’ve seen a big benefit to freshly calved cows”

When asked would Robert recommend a DeLaval parlour to other farmers he said:
“Yes – I can’t fault it”




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