“The rotary shortens my working day. I and my staff enjoy milking more with the speed of the rotary. The cows are milking better, they are standing much better making it easier to apply the cluster – cluster alignment is excellent.”

Peter Farrell from Co.Tipperary was one of the first customers in Ireland to install the DeLaval Rotary E100 which was launched in September 2018. Peter had the DeLaval E100 50 bail Rotary installed ready for milking in January 2019.

Farrell Farm

Tipperary, Ireland

Farrell Farm


Holstein Friesian





Currently milking 250 cows, compared to Peter’s old herringbone parlour the new rotary has halved milking time. 


“Labour and Time were my main challenges. I wanted to milk 250 cows in an hour. I wanted to be able to see go see my children play hurling in the evenings – I used not to be able too but now I can. We have halved the milking time.”

“We now have a better work life balance. The cows love the rotary and so do I.”

The E100 Rotary has been designed as a complete milking system focussing on cow flow, cow comfort, efficiency and comfort for the milker. Combined with DelPro™ herd management software it really offers the farmer complete control of his herd making it easier for him to make management decisions.

Working in conjunction with the Rotary, Peter also installed a DeLaval teat spray robot (TSR™). Which is big labour saving and really makes the milking in this parlour a one man job.

“We bought the TSR to achieve accurate spraying, Floor spraying was costing too much. The TSR is exactly targeting where it is meant to be. The accuracy and amount of spray used is excellent."

Peter was also the first customer in Ireland to have the Evanza Milking Cluster. The DeLaval Evanza milking cluster is the first cluster in the world to utilise a cartridge instead of a liner. It contains a newly designed claw with redesigned TopFlow™ technology and an easy, quick-connection between claw and teat-cup.


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