“Labour saving, ease of management and Calf welfare are the main reasons we decided to invest in a DeLaval Calf Feeder”

Pat & Dick Brennan from Ballyoskill have a strong relationship with DeLaval over the years and wanting to reduce the work load during calving season they decided to invest in a DeLaval Calf Feeder.

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Brennan Farm

Ballyouskill, Co.Laois

Brennan Farm


Holstein Friesian



“The last 3 generations on our farm have been using DeLaval”

The Brennans are currently milking 140 cows in a DeLaval MidiLine Parlour and also have a DeLaval Bulk Tank. Willing to invest in technology to help reduce some of the work load, Pat & Dick looked at a few different options at the Ploughing Championships but decided to continue using their local DeLaval dealer EC Pratt to purchase a calf feeder from.

“It was money definitely well spent and a long term investment”

“No problems with it at all! It works great and the calves are used to it after a day or 2.”

“Each calf gets controlled amount and is fair for every calf. The timid calf gets the same as the aggressive calf. Anything to save time & labour is always a positive.”

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