"Cow care and comfort are at the very core of the decisions we make on our farm and were a huge part of our decision to build a new robotic facility."

Abiqua Acres takes an individualized approach to cow comfort – the core of the new barn design. They’ve gone beyond robotic milkers to ensure that their cows receive the best care and comfort.

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Abiqua Acres

Silverton, OR, USA

Abiqua Acres





For nearly eight decades, Abiqua Acres has milked cows in Silverton, Oregon. A fourth generation family farm in the making, Alan and Barbara Mann, along with their daughter, Darleen, and her husband, Ben Sichley, and their two sons: Mason and Nolan, complete the workforce.

In November of 2016, Abiqua Acres installed two DeLaval VMS robots in a six-row free flow barn. Today, the family milks 95 cows that average 2.7 milkings per day. The Mann family also uses DelPro™ herd management software to monitor, record and analyze herd data that helps make important farm decisions. DeLaval swinging cow brushes SCB keep the animals clean and enhance cow comfort.

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Since transitioning into their new facility, Abiqua Acres saw an immediate improvement to cow comfort. "The cows are so relaxed and content in the new barn, which results in an increase in milk production," says Darleen.

Stemming from excellent DeLaval service and strong relationships, DeLaval milking equipment has been part of Abiqua Acres for fifty years. "DeLaval installed the glass pipeline in the original parlor," says Darleen. "The dealer service and previous relationships have been first-rate. We also value the closeness of our dealership that allows us to avoid downtime, upgrade capability and life-time support."

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