Teat dips

Good udder hygiene practices should be an important part of the daily milking routine. Using the right udder hygiene products and tools will help you to maximize the effect of the mastitis prevention program.

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Teat dips



This innovative iodine-based teat dip quickly kills a broad spectrum of mastitis-causing organisms. The DeLaval patented technologies I-tech (Free Iodine Technology) and ACT (Advanced Conditioning Technology) help guarantee a high, constant bacteria killing effect.


This ready-to-use, film-forming iodine teat dip makes use of I-tech (Free Iodine Technology) and ACT (Advanced Conditioning Technology). It optimally disinfects the teats and smooths the skin. It creates a fine elastic barrier that helps protect against environmental bacteria..

Hamra Red

Treating teats after every milking is an essential part of cow care. With regular routines and DeLaval Hamra Red teat dip, teat health can be protected across the herd.

  • A mild product supporting teat health
  • Suitable for spraying

Bovidip Concentrate

Bovidip 2% w/v is a concentrated iodine-based, teat dip or spray solution. In it’s diluted form it is used for mastitis prevention in the daily milking routine immediately after milking the cows. Bovidip 2% w/v combines very good skin conditioning with efficient germ killing strength due to the high level of available iodine.

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