Udder hygiene

The best way to prevent mastitis is to take an ongoing approach to protecting udder health. This involves understanding the issues surrounding mastitis and developing a prevention program that suits your specific herd, location and operational circumstances. DeLaval provides a comprehensive range of milking systems and udder care products designed to help you achieve this.

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Udder hygiene


Biofoam Plus

Biofoam Plus puts the PLUS in cleaning and removes dirt very efficiently. Efficient cleaning will reduce the presence of bacteria on teats and help to prevent the spread of bacteria. The rich foam of Biofoam Plus will cover the full teat and easily detach dirt. By creating surface tension when the foam bubbles burst, the dirt is removed very effectively from the teat and held in the foam until wiped off. In addition, the soft mix of natural ingredients keeps the skin soft and elastic, preparing them for smooth and efficient milking, in an environmentally friendly way.

  • The rich and high quality foam structure will easily detach dirt from the teat
  • Clean teats for less bacteria!
  • Keeps the teat skin, the natural barrier against infections, in excellent condition
  • Ready-to-use udder preparation routine


Softcel is DeLaval’s well-known, high-performing, udder paper. It is soft to both teat skin and farmers hands, yet very strong, absorbant and resistant, even when wet. The embossment on both sides of the precut paper sheets allow for better grip and dirt removal. These two-layered blue paper sheets are made from 40% recycled paper, measure 26,5 x 38 cm and weigh 20 - 21,5 g/m2.


Drycel is a very resistant pure cellulose paper that needs to be soaked in a soap solution before cleaning the teats. It is hygienic and practical to use as all sheets are pre-cut. Next to that, Drycel is 100% biodegradable so easy to discard. The white sheets are 23 x 24 cm and the fabric weighs 45 g/m2.


A strong, pre-wetted hygiene paper that is 100 per cent biodegradable. The solution has Quaternary ammonium components. Ready-to-use, it cleans teats and hands easily while helping to prevent the spread of bacteria that causes mastitis.


Biocell is a unique combination of cleaning power and harmonious and soft care for the teat skin.

  • Contains lactic acid, with good skin condition and disinfecting properties
  • Very good environmental profile: 100% biodegradable, chlorine and QUAT free!
  • Excellent skin moisturizing properties
  • Ready to use, pre-cut, paper sheets

DeLaval Eco paper EP1000

DeLaval Eco paper EP1000 is an 100% ecological food-grade paper, developed from recycled bricks, and carries the Ecolabel certification. The fibers used in this paper are very strong, resistant and absorbent, yet the paper is gentle and soft to the teats. The two-layered beige sheets are 25,5 x 35 cm and weigh 21,5 g/m2.

DeLaval udder cleaner UC101

DeLaval udder cleaner UC101 is a Ready-To-Use (RTU) spray and foam udder cleaner. Next to that, it can also be used automatically in the prep-cup of the VMS. It’s skin friendly pH makes it a soft and gentle product to teats.

  • Ready to use udder preparation in spray or foam application
  • Further enhances teat cleaning in VMS
  • Skin friendly

Microfiber udder towel

The microfiber udder towel has a very good absorbency and capillarity, making it excellent in sucking up water and holding it until wrong out. Short wire loops prevent dirt and straw getting trapped in the towel. It is soft and comfortable for the teat yet with good cleaning capacity! The blue towel has a fabric weight of 400 g/m2, measures 31 x 31 cm and should be washed at 60˚C. One pack contains 12 towels.

DeLaval udder towel UT507

The UT507 is a very effective towel; though low in weight and volume, it has an excellent absorption capacity. This compact towel can absorb up to 10 times its own weight! The perforation in the UT507 allows dirt and straw to be removed from the teat easily and stick to the towel. This synthetic blue towel has a size of 34 x 37 cm, the fabric weight is 80 g/m2 and it can be washed at 95˚C. One pack contains 25 towels.

DeLaval udder towel S50 (fleece)

The fleece udder towel is soft to the teats and very moisture absorbing. It’s a very affordable solution for your udder preparation routine and its relatively large size makes it practical to use! The white fleece fabric has a weight of 220 g/m², the towel measures 33 x 37 cm and is washable at 100˚C. One pack contains 50 towels.

Warp-knitted udder towel

The warp knitted udder towel has a zigzag sewing pattern, resulting in a strong perforation pattern that easily removes dirt, but still feels very comfortable to the teats. The towel is very thin and smooth, making it easy to wring out and comfortable to use. This colour-striped white towel has a size of 30 x 34 cm and can be washed at 90˚C. One pack contains 10 towels.

Woven udder towel

The woven udder towel is made of very thick and powerful fabric, making it a good and strong towel, very effective in cleaning and drying the teats. The white towel with blue DeLaval band has a practical size of 38 x 39 cm, a fabric weight of 406 g/m² and can be washed at 90 ˚C. One pack contains 10 towels.

Knitted udder towel

The knitted udder towel is a thin and smooth, yet very strong, cotton towel. It perfectly fits in a cost-effective, yet efficient, udder preparation routine. The white towel measures 30 x 35,5 cm and is washable at 90˚C. One pack contains 10 towels.

Textile udder towel

The textile udder towel is the largest one in DeLaval’s assortment and is perceived as very practical to use. It’s thickness and slightly rougher structure make it good in removing dirt. The beige towel with recognizable blue DeLaval band has a fabric weight of 260 g/m², a size of 44 x 46 cm and can be washed at 90˚C. One pack contains 5 towels.

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