Udder hygiene

The best way to prevent mastitis is to take an ongoing approach to protecting udder health. This involves understanding the issues surrounding mastitis and developing a prevention program that suits your specific herd, location and operational circumstances. DeLaval provides a comprehensive range of milking systems and udder care products designed to help you achieve this.

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Udder hygiene


DeLaval Biofoam™

Combines Cleaning Improvement Technology (CIT) with a patented foaming solution of natural compounds, to optimally clean teats. This pre-milking hygiene treatment is specifically developed to give you high milk quality and animal health without compromise. DeLaval Biofoam keeps your cow’s teats soft, healthy and hygienic.


Softcel is DeLaval’s well-known, high-performing, udder paper. It is soft to both teat skin and farmers hands, yet very strong, absorbant and resistant, even when wet. The embossment on both sides of the precut paper sheets allow for better grip and dirt removal. These two-layered blue paper sheets are made from 40% recycled paper, measure 26,5 x 38 cm and weigh 20 - 21,5 g/m2.


A strong, pre-wetted hygiene paper that is 100 per cent biodegradable. The solution has Quaternary ammonium components. Ready-to-use, it cleans teats and hands easily while helping to prevent the spread of bacteria that causes mastitis.


Biocell is a unique combination of cleaning power and harmonious and soft care for the teat skin.

  • Contains lactic acid, with good skin condition and disinfecting properties
  • Very good environmental profile: 100% biodegradable, chlorine and QUAT free!
  • Excellent skin moisturizing properties
  • Ready to use, pre-cut, paper sheets

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