DeLaval introduces 2-in-1 acid sanitizer AcidiShine

The unique PAA-based solution helps dairies sustainably save time, money

February 13, 2018 – DeLaval recently launched AcidiShine™, a solution which combines the acid and sanitizing cycles in the washdown process, helping dairy farms save time, money and resources without having to compromise the quality of their milk.

Its unique formulation, containing peracetic acid (PAA), hydrogen peroxide and a proprietary acid, provides broad spectrum sanitizing with antimicrobial efficacy against bacterial pathogens. AcidiShine also provides excellent descaling of surfaces not usually associated with this class of sanitizers. It can be used to sanitize clean in place (CIP) conventional milking systems and bulk tanks, DeLaval Voluntary milking system VMS™ and calf hutches.

Acidishine“There are typically four steps in the washdown process: warm water rinse, chlorinated or alkaline rinse, acid rinse, and finally, a sanitizer,” said Jami Raymond, DeLaval Aftermarket Solution Manager. “With AcidiShine, producers can combine the acid and sanitizing cycles, helping them save money by using one product and reduce time by eliminating a step.”

AcidiShine is part of DeLaval’s expanding portfolio of sustainable milk quality solutions. It was first introduced to processors through DeLaval Cleaning Solutions in 2017. Not only does it help save water by eliminating a wash cycle, but it also breaks down to vinegar and water, leaving no residue or negative impact on the environment. AcidiShine is completely free of Nonylphenol Ethoxylates (NPE’s).

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