DeLaval Releases Integrated Herd Management Software

Bannockburn, IL November 1, 2016

November 1, 2016 - DeLaval Inc. recently announced the release of DelPro™ 5.1 Herd Management Software, a significant advancement of the company’s flagship software platform.

DelPro 5.1 is the first version that provides full-solution dairy herd management to both robotic voluntary milking system VMS™ and DeLaval parlors. Its ability to provide consistency across both robotic and conventional parlors is complemented by its scalability to any herd size. The software may be customized to run all milking, ID, activity, feeding and sort gate systems. It also delivers visual graphing of a dairy’s adherence to their Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and generates action-based reports based on a producer’s criteria. 

DelPro 5.1 has enhanced capabilities to track AI synchronization, vaccination and treatment protocols as well as to create vet visit lists and automate sorting according to chosen parameters. The addition of scatter graphs further improves a manager’s capability to visually interpret herd data.  The software for each system type, either robotic or parlor, can create customizable animal cards for each cow and lactation-based performance overviews for milking, reproduction and feeding Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The improved “My List” feature enables a producer to quickly select a specific list of cows to note treatments, apply sorts, input health events and more. Other detailed reports can be created based on a producer’s needs, when the software is paired with automation, to provide visibility of daily milk weights and cow productivity to help improve milk quality.

“DelPro 5.1 signifies an exciting development in the future of software development for DeLaval”, states Gavin Strang, Market Development and Sales Support Capital Goods Manager, “We believe in streamlining data analysis capabilities to facilitate management decisions. The software is intuitive, user-friendly and takes robotic milking dairies to the next step in optimizing their performance. For parlor-based systems, it provides a powerful tool for efficient operation.”

Post-installation software training is provided through DeLaval’s extensive dealer staff, Dairy Advisors and Solution Support Specialists. The training teaches producers how to create reports, input data, and develop graphs and charts based on their KPIs. The end goal is to help facilitate customers in becoming experts with the software and making it work for them to enhance their existing farm management practices.

DelPro 5.1 interfaces with other DeLaval solutions including the Interactive Data Display (IDD). Body condition scoring BCS system and DeLaval Automatic Calf Feeders. It is currently available throughout North America.

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