Delivering Excellence to Large Herds

For more than 130 years, DeLaval has provided exceptional service and solutions to farms of all sizes. Today, we are uniquely positioned to continue delivering on that promise with even greater attention to large herds. Whether it’s robots or a rotary parlor that will fit your farm’s efficiency and labor demands, we will find the best solution for you, supporting you from the initial concept to completion and beyond.

Fair Oaks Farms - Fair Oaks, Indiana

Fair Oaks Farm

"I have 16,000 cows milking at Fair Oaks Farms, and as I grow that farm and other farms, I would expect that those new farms will be with robotics,” says Mike McCloskey, co-owner of Fair Oaks Farms. 

Learn McCloskey’s reasons for believing robots are the future of dairy production.

Meadow Star Dairy - Pennock, Minnesota

Meadow Star Dairy

High-performance operations need high performance equipment and for Meadow Star Dairy, that means a rotary that can milk more than 100 cows simultaneously.

See how their rotary parlor helps get the most out of their 8800-cow herd.

Friendly Acres - Attica, New York

Friendly Acres

 The Sondericker family milks nearly 500 cows with eight DeLaval VMS. Since the transition to robots, production has increased by 10 pounds per cow.

Find out about the other benefits robots have brought to Friendly Acres.


Large Herd Barn Designs

Every dairy is unique, but tenets of good barn design can be shared. 


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