Simon Dairy wins NMC’s top milk quality award

how do you produce quality Milk?

According to Brett Olinger, Dealership Manager of DeLaval Dairy Service – Michigan, the equation is simple: “Great Customer + Excellent Products and Services = Quality Milk!”

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And Brett should know, after all, his customer, Simon Dairy of Westphalia, Mich., was awarded this year as a Platinum quality milk producer by the National Mastitis Council at their annual meeting Jan. 28-31, in St. Pete Beach, Fla. 

The Simon family was one of six producers selected to receive this honor based on quality milk production indicators, such as somatic cell count and bacteria count, along with milking routine, systems of monitoring udder health, treatment protocols and strategies for overall herd health and welfare. In the 12‐month period of June 1, 2015 to May 31, 2016, Simon Dairy achieved the following while milking 869 cows:

Milk: 27,743 lbs/week
Fat: 3.4%
Protein: 2.9%
SCC average: 81,000
SPC average: 1,580

To understand how Larry and Therese Simon, together with son Brent and daughter-in-law, Emily, achieved such fantastic results milking their cows in a double-12 DeLaval Champion™ parallel parlor, we asked them to share the secrets of their success.

DeLaval: Congrats on your Milk Quality award at NMC! How did you do it
Simon: The secret of our success is to recognize that we have not achieved success on our own. We have a very dedicated group of employees that each contribute to the success of our dairy. We also work with a team of professionals that give crucial insight on a day-to-day basis, including our veterinarian, nutritionist and business consultant. As a team, we are dedicated to producing the highest quality of milk possible.  

D: How has the DeLaval Dairy Service team helped you?
DeLaval has provided years of excellent service and mechanical support for our business. The ability to get parts and service in a very timely manner is crucial in keeping our parlor running smoothly. Specifically, we have found DeLaval’s teat dips, Della Care for pre-dipping and Bovadine for post-dipping, as well as their knowledge of good milk prep routines, to be a major contributors to the quality of our milk. 

D: Have you always been focused on achieving superior milk quality? Why is it so important?
S: Our dairy has always been focused on superior milk quality because we recognize that the milk we produce today assures us the opportunity to produce in the future. Every decision we make today affects our success down the road and the legacy we hope to pass on to our children.    

D: What’s next for your dairy?
S: With the challenge of the volatile milk price, we aim to continue to produce the highest quality milk in the most efficient way possible. We will continue to look for opportunities to grow and enhance our profitability.  

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