Teat Dips with Optimized Iodine

Teat dips with Optimized Iodine are tried and true, delivering leading-edge performance. After many years on the market they always work, always have, always will.

Dairy producers who use our leading-edge Optimized Iodine technology have reliable mastitis control, every milking, every time.

Protection that stays strong – guaranteed

Our unique technology keeps high levels of active free iodine, so your teat dip works harder for you. Over time, these teat dips continue to kill mastitis-causing pathogens quickly and effectively.

Unrivaled udder healthy technology

The free iodine technologies (I-tech, I-tech2, Iodozyme and Io-Maxx) provide unrivaled germicidal efficacy against mastitis-causing pathogens.

Proven to perform in herds worldwide

Dairy producers can rely on DeLaval teat dips with Optimized Iodine. Clinical trial testing, in addition to in vitro studies and commercial field trials, continually prove there is no better mastitis protection available. They always work, always have, always will.

Our assortment of teat dips equipped with Optimized Iodine technology include:

DellaCare™ Enhanced






Quarter Mate® Plus


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