The Fundamentals of Cow Longevity

A new video series promotes the longer, healthier lives of cows

DeLaval created four short, 30-second videos to help remind producers – as well as educate consumers – about the importance of cow longevity to the sustainability of their farms.

“Sustainable dairy farming relies on efficiency, which extends to Animal Welfare,” Gavin Strang, Market Development Director for DeLaval North America, said. “Offering an abundant supply of clean, freshwater; providing comfortable resting areas; and giving cows a safe, effective way to groom are all essential to improving the productive lifetime milk yield of cows.”


A cow’s behavior can influence her productive lifetime and health. By providing a safe, effective way for her to groom with the swinging cow brush, she is also stimulating blood circulation – which also promotes greater milk production and teat health. It also helps keep cows moving through the barn.

Cow Comfort

Cows circulate 400 to 500 gallons of blood through their udder to produce just one gallon of milk. For us, that’s like running a marathon! It’s no wonder that good barn design, access to clean water and feed, and well-kept resting areas and walkways are essential to cow comfort.


Cow longevity isn’t just about prolonging life. It’s about finding the best ways to ensure your cows are more productive for more lactations. By focusing on aspects of dairy farming and Animal Welfare, you can increase the total lifetime productivity of your herd with better routines, conditions and decisions.  

Water Consumption

We all know that water is essential to life, but did you know to produce one pound of milk cows need to drink more than four pounds of water? The healthiest and most productive cows have good access to larger amounts of clean, freshwater

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