See you at World Ag Expo!

DeLaval will be showcasing the latest services and solutions in the South Exhibits DS93 – DS96 at World Ag Expo, February 13-15, 2018.

We are offering a tour of two rotary parlor farms on Thursday, February 15. The bus departs from the World Ag Expo grounds at 9 AM and returns by 2 PM. Join us for this visit to Four J Farms and Jerseys and Robert Vander Eyk and Sons Dairy; learn more and register on our website.

Stop by the booth between 4 and 6:30 PM on Wednesday, February 14 for appetizers and beverages at our Appreciation Night!

Not only will you have the opportunity to meet and learn from our knowledgeable and professional team, but you’ll also be able to see the following solutions in action and on display:

  • Voluntary Milking System VMS™ Supra+
    • The VMS Supra+ is the only robot that preg-checks your cows! It finds cows with silent heats, detects abortions and cysts, and confirms that your cows are pregnant.
    • An excellent solution for herds of any size, the ultimate automatic milking machine enables maximum yields while freeing up time for family and employees to focus on other duties.
  • Teat Spray Robot TSR
    • The TSR automates pre and post teat spray application, maintaining cow health while reducing labor. One of the first automatic teat spray solutions for parallel rotaries, the TSR provides an accurate, optimal and consistent method for applying teat spray after milking.
  • Barn Design
    • Experts will be on hand to discuss robotic dairy needs. Robotic milking offers benefits for herds large and small.

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