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DeLaval innovates and manufactures solutions for local dairy farmers, sold by local businesses. While farmers around the world know and trust our brand, the impact our products have on dairy communities lies much closer to home.

We feel honored and privileged to work with some of the best dairy professionals on the planet, including your neighborhood DeLaval dealer. Each business that we work with offers our full assortment of DeLaval farm supply, hygiene and rubber goods solutions. DeLaval dealers make one-stop shopping for the day-to-day needs of your dairy easy and convenient, especially as you prepare your herd for colder months. Check out our Winter Management Guide for help.   

Farm Supply

At DeLaval, We live milk, which means we know that getting the details right can be the difference in your dairy’s success. From cow brushes and calf coats to water troughs, milk filters and work wear, we have you covered. 

Cow comfort solutions

Calf coats

Clothing and accessories

Hygiene Solutions

Keep your herd healthy and productive all year long with our solutions designed to improve animal welfare and milk quality.

Teat dips



Liners & Tubes

When you demand a high milk yield, you need superior quality liners and tubes. We offer a variety of liners to meet the physical needs and performance level of your herd. Our rubber tubing is manufactured in the U.S., together with our liners, and is durable yet flexible enough to meet the demands of your milking system.

Liners & Tubes

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