World Dairy Expo Technology Tours

Wednesday, october 4th, 2017

Join us for a tour of two Wisconsin farms for a chance to see a voluntary milking system VMS and DeLaval rotary parlor in action!

The bus for the tours will depart from World Dairy Expo at 7:30 AM and return to the Expo grounds by 4:00 PM. Join us, following the tours, for a reception in the Tanbark Cattle tent. 

Fourth Generation Farm in Lodi, Wisconsin, milks 215 Holsteins with four DeLaval VMS robotic milkers, in a milk first, controlled flow setup. John Miller is the fourth generation, and his children Tyler Miller and Sam Connor are the fifth generation on the farm that has been in the family for 118 years. Although it was an adjustment for the family not to be there when the cows are being milked, the robots have made it easier for the Miller family to milk fresh and high-producing cows three times per day.

Baerwolf Dairies, LLC in Columbus, Wisconsin, is owned and operated by the Baerwolf family. They are milking 650 Holsteins on a DeLaval parallel rotary PR3100HD, installed earlier in 2017. After just a few months, the Baerwolfs saw big benefits to both cow comfort and work efficiency. These cows provide the milk for Sassy Cow Creamery. Ice cream is included in the tour!

Buses will load on the west side of the Exhibition Hall.

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