DeLaval donates nearly $50,000 to Heart to Heart International

Local organization benefits from Tetra Laval € 10 million COVID-19 relief donation

KANSAS CITY, MO (JUNE 23, 2020) – The global COVID-19 outbreak has brought about never-before-seen challenges in our daily lives, and DeLaval remains deeply concerned for all those affected by the pandemic. Early on during the outbreak, the Tetra Laval Group announced a global € 10 million donation towards the COVID-19 relief effort.

As a subsidiary of the Tetra Laval Group and part of the global donation, DeLaval has donated $49,050 to Heart to Heart International with a view to support the health care system/COVID-19 relief efforts in the Kansas City, MO area. The contribution will be used to support efforts in place on COVID-19 testing in the local area.

Heart to Heart International strengthens communities through improving health access, providing humanitarian development and administering crisis relief worldwide. The organization engages volunteers, collaborates with partners and deploys resources to achieve this mission, and is urgently distributing needed equipment and medications both locally and around the world in response to the current global crisis.

Other US beneficiaries of the € 10 million donation from the Tetra Laval Group include Feeding America, DirectRelief and Team Rubicon, all of whom are on the frontlines in the battle against the on-going pandemic.

DeLaval, along with the entire Tetra Laval Group, remains fully committed to helping ensure continuous food supplies around the country, while maintaining important measures to ensure the health and safety of employees and all those involved in daily operations.

DeLaval employees, customers and partners have made relentless contributions during these difficult times. The organization pledges full support to the government, industry and communities in tackling this extraordinary situation.

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