DeLaval Introduces Revolutionary Research-based Nutritional Program

BANNOCKBURN, IL (May 10, 2016)

DeLaval Inc. launched today the LONGEVITY by Feedtech™ program which provides a complete nutritional solution at all stages of a cow’s lifecycle.

Designed to help producers proactively manage the health of their herd, the nutritional supplements were designed by DeLaval’s team of veterinarians, nutritionists and industry experts. LONGEVITY is based on the most current industry research to provide a holistic approach that simplifies and standardizes the allocation of calf and heifer supplements to facilitate overall farm management.

LONGEVITY by Feedtech™ Focuses on the Complete Calf to Heifer Lifecycle

Recent scientific research into colostrum and transition cow management has illustrated the importance of investing in a cow’s future at an early age. The studies have repeatedly shown that creating more productive animals begins at birth. Additionally, with the increasing concerns about antibiotics, the use of probiotics is becoming more mainstream.

“The LONGEVITY program combines the exclusive probiotics of our Feedtech line with cutting-edge research to ensure it contains the right amount of protection at just the right time”, says Jim Mattox, Solution Manager for Feeding Systems and Nutrition at DeLaval North America, “The program is a first of its kind, since it is the only available nutritional program to provide complete calf to cow solutions. It was designed to help producers meet performance and management goals by helping to proactively manage a herd’s health and optimize productivity”.

The LONGEVITY by Feedtech product line is available throughout the United States. Interested producers should speak with their authorized DeLaval dealer for more information.

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