DeLaval Releases “Do You Know” Educational Video Series

BANNOCKBURN, IL (June 16, 2016)

DeLaval recently released an educational video series which highlights common farm routines. The short, simple and illustrative “Do You Know” videos demonstrate practices that producers or milkers can easily implement in their training routines to help safeguard milk quality and biosecurity.

The video series, compatible with smartphones and tablets, provides dairy managers with a convenient resource for training workers when time is extremely limited. 

The tasks shown in the videos may often be performed incorrectly due to a lack of knowledge, improper training, worker turnover and language barriers. Five of the ten videos were produced in partnership with the University of California Davis through their Western Institute for Food Safety and Security (WIFSS) program as a way to provide useful training tools.

“Consistency and understanding are key elements for a successful dairy operation,” says Dr. Mario Lopez, Technology Manager for Milk Quality and Animal Health at DeLaval, Inc. “We work hard every day to develop tools and services that will help producers meet milk quality and herd management goals. We know milk quality is critical for success and close attention to the details can have a great impact.”

The “Do You Know” Series may be found at

Individual videos and their links are below:

Udder health and milking routines
Do you know proper milking routines?

Do you know how to collect an aseptic milk sample?

Do you know how to identify clinical mastitis?

Do you know how to do a CMT?

Do you know how to do teat scoring?

Do you know proper cleaning procedure?

Do you know that teat spraying on VMS is an art?

Do you know the best way to place rodenticides?

Do you know how to use fly control products?

Do you know how to assess ketosis in your herd?

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