Dr. Robert James to host free calf management webinar series

Calf College, organized by DeLaval, will teach calf rearing basics with auto feeding technology

February 13, 2018 – DeLaval, the industry’s leading supplier of dairy farming solutions, is offering a free webinar series to anyone who raises and cares for calves. Known as Calf College, the series of eight webinars will be taught by Dr. Robert James, professor emeritus of Dairy Science at Virginia Tech University.

“The productivity of a dairy cow starts way before she enters the milk parlor,” said Dr. James. “We can help calves achieve their milking potential by offering quality care, adequate nutrition and a comfortable environment from day one. Incorporating new calf rearing technology is also essential to achieving good results.”

Calf College participants will begin by learning the fundamentals of calf rearing and progress towards topics on calf housing systems, facility requirements and auto feeding technology. The dates and topics of each webinar are as follows:

Calf College dates and topics

March 16          Critical points for calf rearing

April 13             Dry cow and calving management

May 4               Feeding the newborn

June 8              Feeding the pre-weaned calf

July 6               Pro/cons of different calf housing systems

September 7     Choosing the calf feeder system

October 12       Facilities for group housing systems

November 2      Managing the calf feeder system

As an innovator of calf feeding technology, the latest calf care offering from DeLaval is the calf feeder CF1000S, designed to help ensure calves receive their full daily rations. “We understand the importance of helping customers transition to new technology,” said Joaquín Azocar, DeLaval Market Solution Manager. “DeLaval Calf College is designed to help these producers – and those interested in the system – increase the efficiency of their operations and achieve better results with their herds.”

For more information about DeLaval Calf College and to register for the webinars, click here. Participants should register for each webinar they’d like to attend.

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