Bovadine Golden Giveaway

An industry champion, Bovadine has become a trusted aid to dairy farmers for unsurpassed post-dipping prevention of mastitis. For its golden anniversary, enter to win 55 gallons of Bovadine teat dip and see what it’s like to have the gold standard of mastitis prevention.

Bovadine Golden Giveaway

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There’s a new baby in the Bovadine® family! Bovadine is the proven teat dip you trust, and now we're introducing a new navel dip you’ll love. Together, let the Bovadine family protect your herd from start to finish. Our new Bovadine Navel Dip features I-tech 2™ technology, which has been proven to kill bacteria, prevent infection and there’s NO veterinary prescription required!

Research shows that Bovadine products effectively protect your herd, meaning they also protect your investment. What makes Bovadine unique is DeLaval Optimized Iodine technology.  Optimized Iodine technologies (I-tech™, I-tech 2™, IodoZyme® and Io-Maxx™) keep high levels of active free iodine. “Free” iodine is the active portion of iodine that delivers disinfection by oxidizing and killing bacteria.

Mary and Leroy Bergbigler, Bergbigler Dairy, of Butler, Pennsylvania, have been dairying most of their lives. For the better part of 15-20 years, they’ve trusted Bovadine teat dip to protect their herd and milk quality. “The teat health seems to be great, it (Bovadine teat dip) does well for cleaning and disinfecting,” says Leroy. “Our counts have stayed low for quite a while now, and we attribute a lot of that to good teat dip, milking procedures, and quality equipment. We believe all of these things work together to make good teat health, cow comfort and a good milk product for everyone to enjoy.”

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