VMS V300 helping achieve goals & dreams

DeLaval robots are the solution for Darrell & Bonita Richard and family

“They were doing what our dreams or our goals were with DeLaval robots. We decided that if DeLaval robots can do it for those guys, then it's up to our management to make it happen here,” said Darrell Richard.

When the Richard family decided it was time to upgrade from their current parlor milking system, they looked into robotic milking. They toured multiple DeLaval VMS V300 facilities to help them with their decision.

Keeping their production and personal goals in mind, the DeLaval VMS V300 seemed to align with their own and they installed 2 VMS V300s in their existing facility. Their milk production hovers around the 95 lb mark.

“It was a no brainer. The V300s are very good machines,” said Darrell.

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The DeLaval VMS V300 aligned with the goals and dreams of the Richard family

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