Using DelPro To Analyze Reproductive Performance

Nancy Charlton, dvm, july 2016

If you are new to using DelPro for monitoring your herd’s reproductive performance, you’re missing key data to help improve productivity.

To get started, you simply follow the steps below:

1. To view the summaries for reproduction, go to the Animal tab, select the Herd Statistics icon and then Breeding Summary

Repro with Delpro1 2. Select Pregnancy Rate. In version 4.5 the Voluntary Waiting Period (VWP) is hard coded for 50 days; in version 5.1 plus, you can change it. It is selected for the whole herd and not by lactation.

Repro with Delpro2

3. You can select Heat Interval to monitor how many cows are cycling at 5 to 17 days post insemination which usually represents abnormal cows, cystic cows bred falsely, etc. By selecting 18 to 25 days you will see the normal cycle. Cows that fall within 26 to 35 days represent embryonic losses and at 36 to 60 days, abortions and normal cycles. We look for the majority of inseminations to fall between 18 and 25 or closer to 42 days. If poor conception rates or too many abnormal cycles are seen, you should discuss these results with your reproductive specialist.

Repro with Delpro3

4. To code the type of insemination, go to Tools – Customizable and select Heat Detection Type:

Repro with Delpro4

5. Go back to Breeding Summary and select Heat Sign for the summary of conception rates from the different heat types:

Repro with Delpro6

6. Go to Breeding Summary and select Insemination Number for the summary of the conception rate for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th insemination.

7. The conception rate for the 1st service should be at or above 40%, though it is acceptable for the 2nd service onwards to be lower. If the 1st service is lower than the 2nd service, there is work to be done to improve the transition cow health.

Repro with Delpro7

8. When you input data for insemination, use the illustrated locations to select the heat type.

Repro with Delpro8

9. In version 5.1 plus, you can monitor conception rate by the inseminator(breeder).

Repro with Delpro9

10. Go to Animal Tab – Herd Statistics – Breeder Summary. There you select the inseminator in the animal card when inputting the insemination event.Repro with Delpro10

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