Our alkaline detergents, with or without chlorine, are effective in removing butterfat and milk protein. The wide range of products can meet the needs varying water conditions and temperature fluctuations.

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Reduced Temperature Detergent RTD

With RTD, dairy farmers can effectively clean their milking systems and bulk tanks using reduced or traditional temperatures. RTD offers peace of mind and gives dairies the opportunity to save energy and money.

Della Supreme®

Della Supreme is a versatile concentrated chlorinated alkaline liquid CIP cleaner designed for removing protein and fats from milk contact surfaces. It is formulated to perform even with lower than optimal water temperatures. Handles hard water and ideal for use where build up of soil is related to water temperature fluctuations.

DeLaval Classic Dynemate™

Classic Dynemate Liquid is a chlorinated alkaline detergent for the removal of proteins and butterfat. This detergent works best in soft to medium hard water conditions.

Hurricane™ A

Hurricane A is designed to work together, for the flexibility to customize clean-in-place (CIP) routines. In combination, they can be tailored to address butterfat, protein soils and water hardness in milk transfer systems to match the final concentration of chemicals to the milk soil load.

Della Super®

DellaSuper Liquid is DeLaval’s premier CIP detergent. Offering a highly concentrated, industrial strength chlor–alkaline liquid formula, DellaSuper is designed to quickly eradicate protein and butterfat from milk contact surfaces.

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