Could a retrofit be the right fit for you?


Can I retrofit my existing barn or do I need to build new to accommodate robots or a new parlor? Finding the answer begins with a serious exploration of farm goals, preferences and existing conditions.

Almost everyone is thinking about how to expand their business, or at least increase profitability one way or another, and for many dairy farmers with both large and small herds, retrofitting is a popular solution. Retrofitting a dairy barn for the addition of DeLaval VMS™ Series or DeLaval parlor milking system P500 can make upgrades more affordable than they would be when building new. 

Learn what types of physical and operational changes you can expect when considering a retrofit dairy facility.

Learn more about what the DeLaval VMS Series and DeLaval parlor milking system P500 could do for your farm.

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DeLaval parlor milking system P500

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