Virtual Dairy Tour


Are you interested in see how other dairy producers have outfitted their dairies with the latest innovations in milking—but you don’t want to leave your farm or office? Sign-up for one of our convenient and casual virtual dairy tours and we’ll bring the technology-in-action to you!

What you can expect

Our virtual tours will give you a first-hand look at some of the best dairy operations in the country. We’ll visit customers milking with our latest robotic technology, the DeLaval VMS™ V300 single box milkers and the DeLaval teat spray robot TSR, which sanitizes teats as cows enter or exit a rotary milking system.

We’ll also feature dairies milking with state-of-the-art conventional milking solutions, like our newest parallel parlor, DeLaval Parlor P500, and the robust DeLaval parallel rotary PR3100HD milking system. 

Virtual tours include:

  • Guided video tour of the dairy
  • Perspective from the farm owners
  • Insight on farm and herd performance
  • 360-degree view of facilities with a barn architect
  • Presentation on technology
  • Plenty of time for Q&A

Tour options: 1-on-1 or “live” group tours 

Our team will be periodically hosting “live” group tours this year, or you can request to meet with us 1-on-1 when it’s convenient for you. Just tell us which milking system(s) you’re interested in learning more about.

Sign up for a 1-on-1 Virtual Dairy Tour here.

Group Virtual Tour Schedule

November 12 - M&L Farms, Chilliwack, British Columbia 
M&L Farms is a dairy and blueberry farm in Chilliwack, British Columbia. Along with growing blueberries, they milk 330 cows on 5 DeLaval VMS milking system V300. They have a 6 row barn with perimeter feeding, sand bedding and use a modified guided flow.Register below to view this farm in a group virtual tour on Friday, November 12, 2021 at 12pm CST. 

Click here to register for the Zoom Webinar. 

Jones Dairy Farm in Stevinson, California
This family-run dairy is currently transitioning its 800-cow herd to robotic milking. Six DeLaval VMS robots are up and running with another eight coming this year, bringing the total to 14 VMS units.


Vierra Dairy Farm in Hilmar, California
Vierra Dairy Farms milks about 3,000 cows at their home site with and 80 bail PR3100HD rotary. They plan to expand to house a total of 5,000 cows. The farm also installed a DeLaval teat spray robot TSR and uses DeLaval sort gates in their facilities.


Fair Oaks Farms Robotic facility in Fair Oaks, Indiana
Fair Oak Farms milks 840 cows at their robotic milking facility with 12 DeLaval VMS V300 milking robots using a milk first guided flow system.


Minglewood Inc. in Deer Park, Wisconsin
Minglewood Inc milks 500 cows on eight DeLaval VMS milking robots and 700 cows in a DeLaval double 9 Champion parlor. They use a fully guided - milk first system in their robotic milking facility.


Sassy Cow Creamery in Columbus, WI
Sassy Cow Creamery milks 600 cows on 40 bail DeLaval PR3100HD rotary. Additionally, they use a DeLaval teat spray robot TSR to post dip their cows.


Rolleyview Farms in Cilliwack, British Columbia
Rolleyview Farms, owned by the Tap Family, milks 100 cows on two DeLaval VMS with Herd Navigator. Their barn is a six row perimeter feeding barn with free flow cow traffic and cross ventilated wtih ten fans. Additionally, they use one DeLaval calf feeder CF1000+ with two stations and have two DeLaval swinging cow brush SCBs.


TDI Farms in Westphalia, Michigan
TDI Farms milks 1500 cows on twenty-four DeLaval VMS robots. Additionally, there use DeLaval activity to monitor their cows and have twenty-four swinging cow brushes (SCB).


Morning Star Dairy in Onalaska, Wisconsin
Morning Star Dairy milke 450 cows, twice a day, in a DeLaval parlor milking system P500 (double-10). In addition to their parlor, they also use DeLaval activity tags to monitor their cows.  


Darita Holsteins in Goshen, Indiana
DeLaval Darita Holsteins milks 108 cows with two DeLaval VMS V300 milking robots. Owned by Darrell and Bonita Richard, this high producing herd was honored as a Herd of Excellence in 2018 by Holstein Association USA.


Comestar Holsteins in Victoriaville, Quebec
Get inspired by the mega-successful Master Breeder Marc Comtois and join us for an inside look at Comestar with their move to robots. Live from Victoriaville, Quebec, Marc will tell the journey from his start in farming in 1976 to reaching the industry's pinnacle - being named the Most Important Breeder of the Last 25 Years by Holstein International and inducted into the prestigious Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame in 2019. What's next for Comestar? Join us to hear how Marc and his wife, France, have laid the groundwork for a new future for his family with a new robot barn!


MVP Dairy LLC in Celina, Ohio 
MVP milks 4,500 Holstein cows with a 80-bail DeLaval PR3100HD rotary. They have six tunnel ventilated freestall barns with sand bedding, misters, DeLaval swinging cow brushes and DeLaval activity meters.

MVP Dairy, LLC is a partnership between two, fourth-generation farm families, the McCarty Family of Kansas and the VanTilburg Family of Ohio. Together, they are a multi-family farm that takes pride in the care they provide their cows, their land and their team that helps create high quality milk.





Bosdale Farms in Cambridge, Ontario 
Bosdale Farms milks 120 cows on 3 DeLaval VMS™V310 milking robots. Additionally, they use DeLaval OptiDuo™Robotic Feed Refresher, DeLaval Activity, DeLaval Swing cow brushes and various DeLaval teat dips and consumables. Learn how Bosdale Farms uses technology to meet their production and milk quality goals.


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