Add more insight to your herd with the DeLaval milk24 app

PETERBOROUGH, ON (September 11, 2017) – Dairy farmers milking in stanchion barns now have a way to track milk production and make more informed management decisions. The new milk24 app from DeLaval keeps you instantly informed with an overview of individual cow yields and deviation alerts through your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

The milk24 app is available for MU BLUE, MU450, MU480 and MU486 milking units. Milking data is received from the units via Bluetooth and then compiled into a user-friendly form. All data is totaled, averaged and recorded so you can view the progress of individual cows and the herd over time. The app will automatically warn you if there are any inconsistencies in your herd’s results, allowing you to take immediate action to help manage your herd efficiently.

“This is an exciting step for our stanchion customers,” says Patrick Wiltzius, DeLaval Solution Manager. “The app is easy to integrate into the milking process and it’s an effective solution for their first step towards herd management. It’s increasingly important to be able to respond to sudden changes in milk production at a moment’s notice, and that’s what milk24 is all about.”

The milk24 app aggregates data in a way that makes it easy for a farmer to make quick decisions. It also provides an efficient way to share herd data with a veterinarian or other consultant, allowing for an integrated management approach.

Brian Eix, of Fixdale Farms in Floradale, Ontario, was one of the first in North America to test out the app. He milks 30 cows twice per day and accesses individual cow and overall herd averages on a daily basis. The milk24 app shows him variations in production when different milkers are working. “If one specific person is milking and that is the day the cows are down, you need to look at their overall prep routine and procedure,” Eix says.

Milk24 is available on Google Play and the iPhone App store. Contact your local dealer to learn more about the benefits that individual cow and herd yield data and graphs from this innovative new app can bring to your dairy.

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