DeLaval and Its Long Innovation History Helping Dairy Farmers

Bannockburn, IL, 19 June 2019 – DeLaval announces its latest Parlour milking system P500, the only parallel parlour in the dairy industry with three options to control the cow flow and no sequence gates in the floor. This innovation is a continuation of the countless customer solutions launched over the years by DeLaval to help farmers around the world in their daily lives.

For DeLaval, research and innovation is central to the continued success of dairy farmers and industry. With close to 1,800 patents and pending patent applications in countries throughout the world, and over 320 inventions, DeLaval has an obligation as a market leader to contribute to more efficient and sustainable milking practices, aiming to aid farmers in their daily challenges.

Millions of dairy farmers all over the globe are facing similar challenges, and research and innovation is crucial for companies like DeLaval to help make farmers more profitable and efficient, keeping them at the forefront of animal welfare and food safety.

DeLaval has helped dairy farmers for more than 135 years, ever since 1878, when the visionary Gustaf de Laval patented the centrifugal cream separator. This awarded patent was the Swedish patent number 365, filed on 30 April 1878. 

However, innovation in this industry is not possible without fully understanding dairy farming and its challenges. From the very beginning, back in 1894, Hamra Farm has been the heart of research and development at DeLaval, where most of its innovative solutions are developed. With over 500 cows, right at the head office, Hamra Farm keeps innovation close to farmers, by being farmers too.

 “Our latest milking Parlour P500 will without a doubt be a great contributor to not only a more efficient milking process but also to better animal welfare. This new parlor includes four new patented technologies, which are now added to the long innovation history of DeLaval, helping farmers from everywhere to do more with less,” said Gavin Strang, DeLaval Market Development Manager.


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