DeLaval brand promise speaks to company commitment

January 26 2017 - From the company’s origin more than 130 years ago, DeLaval has been regarded as a global leader in dairy farming solutions and services that help farmers around the world succeed. DeLaval devotes energy, knowledge and creative problem solving to making dairy farming more efficient, productive and sustainable. As part of this dedication, the company has launched its new global tag line, “We live milk".

The three small words humbly echo the Swedish-based company’s story and essence.  At its core, DeLaval’s workforce embraces various products and services in all parts of the world. Like dairy farmers, the employees “live milk” by offering the dairy community the technology, products and solutions needed to improve milk yields, nurture healthier herds and create a stronger and more sustainable future. 

“We live milk” also embodies a team approach, connecting commitment and customer focus every hour of every day, all year round.  It is about having an unparalleled understanding of the cows’ needs, knowing the individual challenges faced by farmers and having the solution in place to overcome them.  The tag line is also rooted in an understanding that dairy farming is a business and it needs to be productive and efficient. 

“We live milk” is an extension of the DeLaval’s vision: “to make sustainable food production possible”. This firm commitment to dairy farmers, the industry, and environment is driving progress in four important areas: farm productivity, food safety, work efficiency and animal welfare. DeLaval offers a diverse assortment of fully integrated solutions to address these challenges.

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