DeLaval Brings Dairy Expertise to You

The dairy solutions company celebrates its in-house expertise with a new campaign

MADISON, WI (October 2, 2019) – DeLaval, a leading supplier of dairy solutions for more than 135 years, is celebrating the source of the company’s success – its people. With a storied legacy that has made DeLaval a household name among the dairy community, the company is honouring the talent, ingenuity and influence of its employees.

“At DeLaval, we don’t just sell products; we sell the dairy knowledge, support and expertise that comes with it – an approach that revolves 360-degrees around the customer,” says Fernando Cuccioli, Executive Vice President, Cluster Americas at DeLaval.

Developing technology which helps improve the efficiency and profitability of a dairy farm or a food processor’s operation requires that DeLaval invest in key roles – like dairy advisors, veterinarians, engineers, scientists and architects – to be able to offer unmatched support to producers.

Watch this video of Nancy Chartlon and other DeLaval experts.

“It would be impossible to deliver the industry’s most-valued solutions without a best-in-class team possessing the knowledge, support and expertise to back them up,” says Martha Trott, VP Human Resources, Americas Cluster.

DeLaval employees work with industry groups and universities, driving industry progress, developing studies, and testing products and theories. They also develop training programs for customers, dealers and industry advisors – covering topics like calf and heifer management and optimizing robotic performance.

“DeLaval employs more than 600 people in North America, each bringing a unique set of skills to work every day,” continues Trott. “It’s this collective talent and breadth of industry-wide expertise that acts as our competitive edge and makes us a top-rate employer within agriculture.”

We Bring Dairy Expertise to You

The new campaign is now live on DeLaval channels, like its website and social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The public can watch insightful videos featuring DeLaval employees, with more videos and Q&A’s added regularly.

By celebrating the work of its incredible people, DeLaval hopes to inspire more people to consider jobs within the dairy industry. The company has a number of open roles available for talented, passionate individuals.

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