DeLaval Publishes 2020 Sustainability Report

June 3, 2021

In the recently published DeLaval 2020 Sustainability Report, the global dairy industry leader shares its commitment to addressing animal welfare, reducing environmental impact and improving working conditions. DeLaval analyzes sustainability through three main perspectives: Environment; Food and Animal Welfare; and Social and Economic.

“At DeLaval, our vision to make sustainable food production possible is at the core of everything we do,” said Fabian Bernal, recently appointed Head of Sustainability for DeLaval Group. “In order to achieve that vision, we must take into account both our own operations as well as our customers’ operations, working to provide them with sustainable solutions that fit their unique goals.”


In the report, DeLaval shares progress toward improving sustainability for its dairy producer customers. These include:

  • Reducing the environmental impact of every liter/pound of milk produced through development of safe solutions that improve efficiency and milk yield with animal welfare in mind
  • Continuing to improve on-farm sustainability through efficient innovations, such as automated milking and feeding systems, better and gentler liners that improve milk extraction and animal welfare, reduced-temperature system cleaning solutions and more
  • Focus on farm profitability for customers – as farms produce more milk per animal, they have a lower environmental footprint and are more economically sustainable
  • Ensuring animal welfare is at the center of new innovations – healthy animals require less medical intervention, produce higher quality and volumes of milk for more years

DeLaval have achieved the following improvements toward their vision of increasing sustainability in production:

  • Decreased waste by 4% and volatile organic compounds by 10%
  • Water use decreased 2% despite increase in sales volume
  • Decreased lost time accident rate from 4.34 in 2019 to 3.61 in 2020
  • Staff turnover decreased to 12%
  • Increased percentage of female leaders to 23%
  • Commitment to establishing a diverse an inclusive workplace through new initiatives: unconscious bias training, updated recruitment policy, and working with third-party groups focused on gender diversity
  • Adapted to the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic by placing employee health and wellbeing as the top priority. Supported employees in setting up work-from-home stations, held COVID-19 safety educational sessions and had frequent stress and mental health check-ins; all while all key functions continued operating to serve customers.

DeLaval continues to showcase its commitment to a dairy industry that is sustainable for its customers and the planet. To read the full report, click here.


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