DeLaval to Showcase Latest Innovations at SIMAQ 2019

New milking system and udder health solutions highlighted

January 3, 2019 – Today DeLaval announced innovations which will be on display at the Salon Industrie et Machinerie Agricole de Québec January 24-26, 2019.

The DeLaval booth, #151, will celebrate the show’s 25-year anniversary with a focus on making sustainable food production possible. Several innovations, each designed to improve the performance of dairy operations and producer quality of life will be revealed for the first time in Canada at the show.

“As a global company, we look forward to showcasing our latest innovations at various shows throughout the year,” says Fernando Cuccioli, DeLaval Regional President, North America. “As you’ll see in our booth, it all revolves around you- the dairy producers. Each of our integrated solutions are developed with producers in mind.”

DeLaval VMS™ milking system V300

DeLaval VMS V300

The all-new VMS V300 will be running in the DeLaval booth. With a 10 percent higher capacity, up to 50 percent faster attachment time than earlier models, up to 99.8 percent attachment rate, up to 99 percent teat spray hit rate, real quarter milking, and with a potential of up to 3,500 kilograms of milk per day, the DeLaval VMS V300 is setting an all new industry performance standard*.

“This technology is truly revolutionary, and you won’t want to miss your chance to see it at the Salon Industrie et Machinerie Agricole de Québec,” says Cuccioli. “But that’s not all we have in store – DeLaval is always innovating, and we’re ready to show you more.”

DeLaval InService™ All-Inclusive

DeLaval has also revamped their customer service program to accommodate this significant leap in automatic milking technology. DeLaval InService All-Inclusive customer program provides service, consumables, advisory and everything in between on a contract system. DeLaval InService provides farmers with time to focus on the business of dairy farming with the peace of mind that the system is running at peak performance.

Vanquish™ Pre Post Launch

Salon Industrie et Machinerie Agricole de Québec will also feature the Canadian launch of Vanquish™ Pre Post, a new two-part chlorine dioxide teat dip. Vanquish Pre Post is designed to help fight off contagious and environmental mastitis-causing bacteria while protecting teat skin. The chlorine dioxide in Vanquish Pre Post is an effective germicide that vanquishes pathogens by oxidation. It is environmentally friendly and safe for cows.

All-new Parallel Parlour: DeLaval Parlour milking system P500

The latest parlour innovation is on the horizon at DeLaval. Representing a significant evolution in parallel parlours, DeLaval presents a new approach to moving cows calmly, quickly and efficiently through the milking process. Be among the first in Canada to learn more through an exclusive preview at the Salon Industrie et Machinerie Agricole de Québec. Pre-orders are currently available.



Coming soon to North America is the OptiDuo feed pusher. It doesn’t just push feed; it remixes it, providing fresh, remixed feed to the herd. Remixing the feed makes it more appealing to the cows, and repositioning it avoids compression – this can translate to higher consumption and more milk produced.

Herd Management Consultation

Meet Marc Mimeault, new Herd Management Advisor with DeLaval. Leveraging 27 years of experience in the dairy industry, Mimeault will be on site to answer customer questions related to activity monitoring, conventional and automated milking herd management, DelPro™, Herd Navigator ™ and Body Condition Scoring.

DelPro™ Companion

DelPro Companion App

DeLaval is also preparing to demonstrate the all-new DeLaval DelPro™ Companion live at the show. This is a new mobile app that puts full herd management capabilities at your fingertips. Producers in either robotic or conventional milking systems can view cow lists, record data, remotely access their herd’s activities and more. DelPro Companion will be available for both Apple and Android smartphones for use with systems running DelPro 5.3 and later versions.

 “DeLaval is all about providing solutions for every aspect of your farm, from animal welfare, to productivity, to work efficiency and profitability. We hope you’ll come see it all working together,” Cuccioli says.

Find these latest innovations, along with many of the other tried-and-true DeLaval solutions in booth #151 at the Salon Industrie et Machinerie Agricole de Québec January 24-26, 2019.

*Data collected on test and pilot farms.

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