AcidiShine™ Acid Sanitizer

Outshines all others

AcidiShine™ is our latest innovation in Clean in Place (CIP) Solutions. It combines the acid and sanitizing cycles in the washdown process, helping dairy farms save time, money and resources without having to compromise the quality of their milk.

AcidiShine is a 2-in-1 solution

AcidiShine is a 2-in-1 solution that combines acid and sanitizer steps (3 & 4) into one without compromising on milk quality. AcidiShine will avoid the need for an acid rinse, thus eliminating one-step in the cleaning process. With its broad spectrum microbiological sanitizing power and its ability to mitigate mineral film build up, AcidiShine can keep bacteria counts in check.

AcidiShine 2in1

This is made possible by the use of PeraTec™ technology, which is a powerful combination of peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide and a unique, proprietary acid. This unique formulation provides broad spectrum sanitizing with antimicrobial efficacy against a wide range of bacteria, yeast and viruses. The highly acidic makeup assists in cleaning of minerals and milk soil by providing excellent descaling of surfaces, not usually associated with this class of sanitizers.

Using AcdiShine™ in conjunction with your normal alkaline wash cycle in CIP applications will reduce or eliminate the need for a conventional acid rinse cycle. The result will be:

  • Water and energy savings
  • Time and money savings
  • Reduction in complexity of sanitation process
  • Friendly to the environment due to biodegradability breaking down to carbon (vinegar) and water.

AcidiShine is a stable, low foam formula, effective in a wide range of water conditions, including hard and buffered water. AcidiShine is uniquely formulated to remove milk and mineral residue of clean in place (CIP) bulk tanks, DeLaval VMS™ and calf hutch sanitizing.

AcidiShine's effectiveness has been proven through clinical trials and on commercial farms.

AcidiShine is VMS approved and NPE Free. The product can be incorporated into our InService™ All-Inclusive program.

Contact your DeLaval dealer for more information on how you can create an InService™ All-Inclusive program designed around you. For more information about AcidiShine, and other DeLaval acid detergents, click here.

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