And you thought DelPro Companion couldn’t get better?!


The DeLaval DelPro farm management platform has another update for you. Earlier we released DelPro FarmManager 5.5 – and now it is time for DelPro Companion 5.5. There are some great new features and improvements packed into this new release. Features that were inspired based on your feedback, taking DelPro Companion to a completely new level.

You can now record even more events on your animals

Having the ability to record animal events easily was always a key part of DelPro Companion. Now, with the release of Companion 5.5 we have added 11 new event types that you can record. You will love working with the new events like: Build Up, Abortion – and open new lactation, Health Check, Cull Decision, Exit, Rectal Temperature, Body Weight (manual event), Invite to Vaccination, Invite to Vet Visit, Invite to Timed AI, Activity Meter ID Change, Assign Ear Tag (Right/Left), Request Herd Navigator™ progesterone sample. This all on top of the already existing events gives you even more flexibility to record the events of the animals in the barn.

Your attention animals on your Companion

We know that you love creating your own reports in DelPro FarmManager in order to find those animals that you want to focus on. Reports use background filters to make sure your report is fast and easy to use because it shows only the animals you need. Those filters you design and use in reports can now be sent to DelPro Companion. Wherever you are in the barn, you have access to the animals that are on one of your favourite reports. Simply go in FarmManager to the menu “tools – filters” and select the filter you want to “Use in Companion”. DelPro does the rest for you. Within the new “filters mode” you will find a list with all activate filters, with in each of them the unique animals you want to know about. Whether that is an “animals to breed” filter, or your own designed filter, Companion will show you the animals you want to know about.

Vet Visit

Together DelPro FarmManager and DelPro Companion offer even more support with practical routines on your farm. When you have planned your vet visit through the vet visit module in DelPro FarmManager, Companion has all the animals readily available to report your observations and treatments. It can be that you automatically schedule a weekly or monthly vet visit for a fresh cow check or cows to pregnancy check. The vet visit will automatically invite animals to the visit, and you have the option to manually invite any extra animals individually. You will always have the information you need at hand when you are working with the vet in the barn to make your treatment decisions.


Today you can design your vaccination protocols in DelPro FarmManager, run them automatically; and when you arrive in the barn in the morning, you know see in Companion exactly which animals to treat! Go work with the animals and easily report back what has been done. This results in the treatment data is in sync again with the protocols, before you arrive to the office; ready to invite the animal again for the booster treatment or next visit.

Timed AI protocols

In DelPro FarmManager you can configure a timed AI protocol to get your animals ready to be inseminated. Animals can be invited automatically, or you can invite individual animals to the protocol that are not currently cycling as they should. The key here is that you have all the active animals that need treatments today on DelPro Companion. When you are working in the barn, you have in an easy module; an overview of the protocol details and current active treatments of every animal. Here you see previous treatments, and you know exactly what to do today. Just confirm with a tap, the data is recorded, and the animal will be presented again to you for the next treatment step in the protocol.

The little details matter

Besides these new features, we have also continued to work on general improvements of Companion. To give you a flavor for what we’ve added:

  • Group change now also supports the ability to assign a new ration or target ration for the animal. This function works both for individual animals and in batch entry mode.
  • The diagnosis event now also supports the ability to record treatment location and prescription number.
  • For our Parlor/Rotary customers the remind code names are now visible.
  • For our VMS customers the average daily milkings for the last 7 days is now visible in the milking tab.
  • In the feeding tab, you can now see the feed table assigned for every animal, if they are excluded from ration calculations or whether she has a 24 or 72 hour consumption alarm.
  • More historical event types are available in the events tab – go check it out!
  • For every animal; there is a new tab, showing the “today’s overview”. Here you will find if an animal has an ongoing treatment, is part of a vet visit, vaccination protocol, timed AI protocol or if she has an attention on one of your reports.
Note: DeLaval DelPro Companion 5.5 requires that your farm has the DeLaval farm router, DeLaval wireless access point and DeLaval DelPro FarmManager 5.5 installed. For any questions relating to compatibility with your farm, please contact your DeLaval Dealer.

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