We Bring Dairy Expertise to You

It would be impossible to deliver the industry’s most-valued solutions without a best-in-class team possessing the knowledge, support and expertise to back them up.

At DeLaval, we don’t just sell products; we sell the dairy knowledge, support and expertise that comes with it – an approach that revolves 360-degrees around the customer.

There are more than 600 amazing DeLaval employees in North America that each bring a unique set of skills to work every day. This collective talent and breadth of industry-wide expertise is, without a doubt, our competitive edge. It’s why we’ve been a leader for more than 135 years, and it’s how we will continue our legacy of dairy innovation.

Learn first-hand how some of our most talented and influential employees ‘live milk’ every day.


Fabian Bernal
Dairy Advisory Manager


Nancy Chartlon, DVM
Dairy Advisor, Farm Management Solutions


Mark Futcher
Director of Business Development


Carolina Mateus, PhD
Director of DeLaval Cleaning Solutions


Mario Lopez, PhD
Director of Technology, Milk Quality Animal Health


Francisco Rodriguez, DVM
Integrated Robotics, Manager

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