"It's amazing!"

Stephanie's reaction to DeLaval VMS V310

“The first cow walking in – you see the robots working at other farms, but to have your own cow walk in and you don’t have to do a single thing – you just watch the arm move, it goes on, it works! It’s amazing!”

Stephanie, Neil and Chris Anderson, co-owners of Mount Elm Farm in Vankleek Hill, Ontario, looked towards robotic milking to help solve their challenge of finding reliable labour. With the fantastic help of their DeLaval dealer DMD Picard, the Andersons were able to retrofit their double-8 herringbone parlour and add two DeLaval VMS V310s. Stephanie likes the easy attachment of the VMS V310 arm and says DeLaval RePro will be a game changer for their herd’s reproductive management.

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Hear about Mount Elm Farm’s VMS V310 experience so far and what Stephanie Anderson calls a “game changer.”

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