The Latest Innovation in Udder Hygiene Solutions

DeLaval provides a diverse assortment of fully integrated solutions to address challenges in dairy farming. OceanBlu delivers high performance with powerful control of mastitis-causing bacteria, yet gently conditions the teat to help promote animal health. In vitro laboratory studies demonstrated a greater than 99.999% kill in 15 seconds for major mastitis-causing bacteria* and field trials showed bacteria control equivalent to industry-proven teat dips with a greater teat conditioning.**

OceanBlu incorporates patent-pending GlyTec™ technology for an optimal protection against mastitis-causing bacteria. GlyTec technology is both a powerful germicide for fast control of mastitis-causing germs and an emollient–rich teat conditioner. It uses glycolic acid, a natural constituent of milk that carries no residue risk. Glycolic acid is widely used in the cosmetic industry to safely improve human skin conditioning. DeLaval is the only company to employ GlyTec technology in teat dips in Canada.

OceanBlu is ready-to-use, requiring no mixing before application, which saves time and reduces the need for costly equipment. Its strong blue color is easy to identify, adding an additional level of quality control. OceanBlu is a versatile solution that can be sprayed, foamed or dipped. It is also approved for Voluntary milking systems VMS™ and the DeLaval teat spray robot TSR. It fits perfectly into the DeLaval InService™ All-Inclusive (ISAI) Program.


*Unpublished laboratory testing resulted in a 5 log reduction bacterial populations of E. coli, S. aureus, ­S. agalactiae, S. dysgalactiae, ­S. uberis, ­S. marcescens, ­P. aeruginosa and ­K. pneumoniae after 15 seconds of contact time.
**Bruno, DR and Lopez Benavides, M. 2016. Changes in teat condition observed when switching pre- and post milking teat disinfectants. 55th Annual Meeting Proceedings. NMC. Pp 186-187.

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