Winter Management

Winter is more than just an inconvenience. The bitter cold can create health and sanitation problems that can threaten the overall productivity of your herd. That’s why a comprehensive farm management program which combines your expertise with premium solutions is essential.

Solutions to keep your herd healthy and productive

To help your dairy operation maintain its level of performance all year long, make these considerations a part of your winter management strategy:

Udder Health

Many factors are involved in protecting teat health during winter months, but germicides and moisturizers play an even more critical role in cold and wet environments. DeLaval offers a complete range of teat dips specially designed to condition the skin while delivering a germicidal efficacy of 99.999% or greater. 

Calf Health

Calves are the most susceptible to harsh winter conditions. It is critical that a winter management program helps ensure they get the best start possible for optimum performance later in life. A DeLaval calf coat is a simple way to assist calves with heat retention as the temperature drops.

Milk Quality

Maintaining proper temperatures during the wash cycle can be challenging in a cold environment. DeLaval RTD™ (reduced temperature detergent) delivers unrivalled cleaning at a reduced temperature thanks to its exclusive dispersion technology. 

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